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Using Various Types of Self Leveling Resins for Various Applications

Like other useful products, self leveling resin plays a major role in your day-to-day activities. It is of various kinds, and it is used for various applications, such as furniture designing, jewelry designing, and various other applications. Each kind has a different set of properties.

Various Types of Self Leveling Resin

  • Silicone Resin: This type of self leveling resin yields a rubbery finish, which is suitable for making molds for casting other resins. As a result, these molds have a long shelf life and are usable again and again.

  • Polyurethane Resin: This resin is the most popular resin which is widely used. It is available in both water and opaque water clear versions. But it is a bit costlier than other kinds of resins. The best benefit of this resin is that it gets set pretty quickly, just within a few minutes. It is chiefly used for making figurines and toys. It is also suitable for cold casting. As a result, the cast remains durable and will not break easily. The only drawback with it is that it is sensitive to moisture and does work properly in humid environments or in molds that contain water.

  • Epoxy Resin: This is a multi-purpose resin that costs more than its polyester counterpart and can take a few days to cure completely. However, it gives a clear finish, and sealer spray will give a good glossy finish. It is safe, and a respirator is not required. It is recommended you wear gloves and operate in a well-ventilated area.

  • Polyester Resin: Also called fiberglass resin, this resin is used as a binder in fiberglass products. It is viscous, bears a resemblance to honey-like liquid, and is a contact product that does not require any pressure to cure completely. It gets cured within a few hours to give you a very hard finish. It can also be sanded and polished to yield a shiny and clear surface. It is easy to use and is the cheapest of all resins. The notable thing about resin products is that they are not UV resistant and can break easily once they fall. The resin itself yields a noxious odor that is harmful to health. So, it is recommended to use a respirator while using it.

How to Work with Self Leveling Resin?

As mentioned above, using self leveling resin is a messy process; you need some tips to use it properly:

  • First of all, make sure to use self leveling resin on wax paper. The resin does not stick to it.

  • Add pigments to the resin. The best pigments that you should use are the colors made especially for the resin. As a result, you will not get many bubbles.

  • You can also add other things to resin, such as sparkles and sprinkles or even candy. Make sure you add a sufficient amount to the resin up to the time it is full of the sprinkles, or it settles when it dries.

  • Another tip with adding—add around candy to your mold, add some clear resin to the mold first and allow it to dry before adding your candy and the remaining part of the resin.

  • While blending the resin, make sure you blend it slow as this will help you with not having so many bubbles. Once you have blended it twice, it is time for you to pour it into a mold. The only thing that resin will not stick to is silicone. So, if you can get your hands on a silicone mold, it will be helpful to you.

  • If you see some bubbles in your mold, use a toothpick for popping them. Now, it is time for you to set your resin aside.

  • If you do not pour sufficient resin into your mold, you will find a little lip on the back of your object. The easy way to fix it is just to pour a little resin on the back to make everything flat.

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Briefly Put!

Self-leveling resin is a very useful substance that has varied applications. When it comes to deciding which resin to use, keep in mind that polyurethanes are best suited for most applications as they tend to cure within minutes. Moreover, they are durable and can be buffed to a shine as well.

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