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Product Description

The Grand Oil Pastel by Sennelier is the most user-friendly size available. Roughly eight times the size of the original oil pastel, they are small enough for detail work and are ideal for layering. This Set of 36 pastels were selected to give a broad range of color. From this range, other colors can be blended because of the oil pastel's buttery texture. They can be used on various surfaces, such as canvas, paper, metal, wood, stone, and glass. WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.

Sennelier Grand Oil Pastel 36 Wood Box Set

    • Sennelier Oil Pastels possess an extraordinarily high pigment content, thus providing them with a high coloring and covering potential, excellent brightness, and a high degree of light stability (with the exception of metallic and fluorescent shades).
    • The remarkable properties of these components, along with their precise dosage, provide Sennelier Oil Pastels with unique properties, making the brand a world-recognized reference.
    • Individual sticks are paper wrapped, and measure 2-5/8"  × 3/8" (67 mm × 10 mm).