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Product Description

  • [PREMIUM QUALITY RESIN] - Designed to give a beautiful finish on your artwork as well will give that high gloss and amazing finish on all your countertops, glasswork and jewelry making projects.
  • [EASY TO USE] - Easy 1:1 mix ratio, resin to hardener after mixing just 45 minutes of work time. 8 oz Kit = (4 oz resin + 4 oz hardener) (236 ml)
  • [CRYSTAL CLEAR] - Our Epoxy Resin will remain crystal clear all the time, UV resistant and stabilized for that unparalleled yellowing protection when used as directed.
  • [SAFE] - We have designed a Non-toxic UV resistant product with NO VOC’s No fumes. No BPA. which is basically odor free and safe to work with on all your creative projects.
  • [CHOOSE US] - We provide high qualified products; your satisfaction will be guaranteed. Feel free to contact us with any concerns we offer 24 hour support.

Gold Coast Supply 8 oz | Epoxy Resin for Art Craft, Casting Coating, Countertops